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Save even more with EXTRA REWARDS

We occasionally offer EXTRA REWARDS programs where you can earn EXTRA REWARDS points each time you visit GIANT and use your BONUSCARD. For every dollar* you spend, you’ll receive one (1) EXTRA REWARDS point. Your reward is based the number of points you accumulate over the program period.


View our weekly circular or visit the home page on our web site to see if we are currently offering an EXTRA REWARDS program. Please note that you can only accumulate EXTRA REWARDS points during designated EXTRA REWARDS program periods. At the end of designated points programs, all EXTRA REWARDS points will expire.


The following items are excluded from earning Extra Rewards Points and qualifying towards minimum coupon requirements: milk and cream (PA & VA only), alcohol, tobacco, money orders, postage stamps, lottery tickets, gasoline and other fuel, gift cards, amusement park and any other tickets, Western Union wire transfer services, fax service, copying machine service, coin operated vending machines, utility payments, prepaid telephone calling cards, prepaid wireless, delivery charges, dry cleaning, fund raising activities and donations, returned check service fees, payments toward store charge account balances, personal shopper fee, bottle deposits, and prescriptions (prescription copay amounts, except those for state and federally funded prescription plans including Medicare, Medicaid and government funded programs, will earn Extra Rewards points). This list is subject to change, additional exclusions may apply.

Extra Rewards points, minimum coupon requirements and percentage discounts are calculated after all of the aforementioned items, as well as all discounts and coupons have been subtracted from the order. There will be no Extra Rewards points earned or discount received on the amount of sales tax and other taxes owed by the consumer. However, the discounted price reductions given on taxable items will reduce the amount of tax owed on those items.

When a program is in progress, you can check your points from our home page.

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